If you are doing Telemedicine, it’s time to add
turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM Is Like Your Own e-Concierge Business

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a new profit center for your practice. It’s so important to CMS they make it easy to get reimbursed at favorable rates plus treat it as a heavily weighted MIPS element. We think of it as “e-Concierge,” it’s that good. You can now treat your chronic patients without them travelling to your office. Imagine how good they will feel about you?

Moreover, with patients cancelling appointments, limited office visits, and unprofitable telemedicine, how else will you make up the cash flow problem? Our technologies make remote patient monitoring possible. You connect your patients using our FDA cleared, VitalTech BLE devices for their vital signs or use their own devices, manually entering data. ​

Our patient app and administrative communication platform are called VitalCare. You can get started today with minimum investment, no office staff overload, and maximize your patient services. Its a turn key new business center for your practice. If you are considering Remote Patient Monitoring, let us show you how to get started. Sign up for our Wednesday Webinars now.

Step 1: Bluetooth Devices

Telemedicine BLE monitoring devices

Telemedicine made easy. Mix and match BLE monitoring devices to suit your patient’s chronic condition​. BP cuffs, pulse oximeters, weight scales, thermometers, glucometers, spirometers and more. We drop ship to patients as needed.

Step 2: Patient Monitoring App

VitalCare RPM system

VitalCare’s RPM system collects and transmits data from BLE devices. VitalCare assists communication with patients, tracks their data and automatically records time spent, and documents time and care helping smooth your reimbursement path.

Step 3: Care Management

Turnkey RPM case management

Turnkey RPM includes case management. Supplement or totally outsource RPM and Chronic Care Management to our partners. Your staff can focus on managing the existing patient flow while you fine tune your new turnkey profit center.

Embed VitalCare with Your Hospital’s EHR

Are you looking for the missing link in your hospital’s telemedicine and EHR systems? Embed VitalCare into your EHR system. Your providers accurately and automatically create reimbursement documentation. Accurate data flows seamlessly saving time and improving cash flow. Its not a fantasy, it’s VitalCare.

Patients love how VitalCare engages them, providers love its flexibility to meet care regimens, and administrators love the automated CPT code recording features. No wasting actions trying to log every moment of billable time. Whether checking data, sending messages and surveys, or making the video call, VitalCare tracks it all.

Why reinvent the wheel when we have it ready for you today? Contact us today to arrange a call with our CTO.

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