Telemedical Partners Makes Starting Remote Monitoring Easy

Remote Monitoring Is Like Your Own e-Concierge Business

Remote Monitoring  is a new profit center for your practice. And it produces better outcomes from more engaged patients.

We think of it as “e-Concierge,” it’s that good. Now, you can now treat your chronic patients without them travelling to your office. Imagine how good they will feel about you?

It’s so important to CMS, they make it easy to get reimbursed at favorable rates. In fact, the CPT Code rates cover your costs and more.

Moreover, with patients cancelling appointments, limited office visits, and unprofitable telemedicine, how else will you make up the cash flow problem? In fact, our technologies make remote patient monitoring possible. Your patients are connected with our FDA cleared, VitalTech BLE devices for their vital signs, nutrition, weight and home health activity monitors.

Our patient app, family caregiver, administrative and communication platform are called VitalCare.  VitalCare engages your patient in their health like no other RPM platform.  And it manages the business end as well.

Telemedical Partners is your one stop shop for all your Remote Patient Monitoring and home health needs.  We have the devices, software and care management services to make you life smooth.

You can get started today with minimum investment, no office interruption, and start maximizing your patient services. Ask about our new program, Total Turnkey RPM.

If you are considering Remote Patient Monitoring, let us show you how to get started quickly without disrupting your practice.   Call us today or fill out the form below.  You can get started with no obligation using our free 15 day trial.  Take a look.

Step 1: Digital Monitoring Devices

Weight Scale for Remote monitoiring

We provide FDA cleared monitoring devices.  BLE devices need a “gateway” to send data to the cloud.  We use HIPAA compliant VitalCare to safely manage data flow.  VitalCare tested BLE monitoring devices cover all your needs. BP cuffs, pulse oximeters, weight scales, thermometers, glucometers, spirometers and more. For monitoring Activities of Daily Living there are sensors and monitors.  All devices can be easily paired to a tablet or smartphone. We even drop ship to patients as needed.

Step 2: Remote Engagement App

VitalCare Remote Patient Monitoring System

The VitalCare system is more than a remote monitoring program. It is your hub for total remote patient care. It monitors, communicates, and engages your patients at home. Plus it manages your billable activities.  Health and wellness knowledge base builds engagement. Alerts keep you informed. Communicate with Audio/Video, messages, surveys and questionnaires.  Patient family members are connected by VitalCare Family. Try VitalCare for 15 days with no obligation.

Step 3: Turnkey Care Management

Turnkey RPM case management

Remote monitoring requires monitoring digitally transferred physiological data.  A qualified health care professional reviews the data and interacts with the patient as needed. Using your current staff may work provided you assign one person with total responsibility. As an alternative, our partners in care management, take this burden off your back. Our team works on a reduced percentage of reimbursement, not a fixed fee.  Your staff can focus on managing the existing patient flow until you are ready to take it over.


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