46% Of Adults Have Hypertension

“Hypertension affects about 46% of U.S. adults, has estimated costs exceeding $50 billion annually, and is the most common chronic condition for which patients see primary care physicians.

Since hypertension often has few or no symptoms, it is commonly under treated, leading to severe and life-threatening complications.

Elevated Blood Pressure in the Clinic

A significant number of patients experience elevated blood pressure when in a clinical setting, which can make hypertension challenging to accurately diagnose. Poor measurement technique and measurement bias can also contribute to inaccurate office-based blood pressures.

Remote Monitoring Addresses Challenges

Remote Patient Monitoring is suited to address these challenges by providing:

Frequent blood pressure monitoring over longer periods of time, yielding a more accurate assessment of patient’s true blood pressure and risk of future cardiovascular events.Providers’ and patients’ access to daily blood pressures to assess the need for and response to adjustments in treatment

RPM can signal effectiveness of treatment and cue earlier changes in treatment to get blood pressure under control faster. While remote patient monitoring systems for hypertension currently leverage an at-home, connected blood pressure cuff, the landscape is developing rapidly to explore digestible technology and wearables.”

Quoted from the AMA’s Digital Health Information Handbook.

SensoSCAN monitors pulse, breathing, blood oxygen and blood pressure. It provide continuous blood pressure readings.