CoVa Monitoring System 2 for CHF Home Monitoring

This post is regarding using CoVa Monitoring System 2 for patient home monitoring of CHF.

Alerts for Chest Fluids

​In wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, increased emphasis has been placed on remote monitoring of high-risk patients.

Due to the nature of the virus infecting the alveoli in the lungs, monitoring of respiratory parameters—specifically respiration rate and respiratory tidal volumes– can be a valuable tool in identifying early warning signs of respiratory decompensation. Organizations like the FDA and FCC have launched initiatives to incentivize and, in some cases, pay for telemedicine remote monitoring programs implemented by health care providers.

Respiratory Wave Forms and Reports

CoVa Monitoring System 2
CoVa Monitoring System 2 “Necklace”

toSense Inc impedance-based technology, the system is able to display uniquely high-quality waveforms depicting highly accurate values of respiration rate.

Reports Generated Frequently

Automatically generated reports and a simple threshold-based alert system have been built in to the system’s gateway to notify clinicians and caregivers of negative trends in respiratory parameters.

Reports are generated frequently and can be sent to the clinician automatically. Early detection of symptoms allows clinicians and other health care professionals access to extremely valuable information, and gives them time to intervene and determine the correct next steps for treatment.

For more information on the CoVa Monitoring System 2 for remote monitoring of CHF patients and their respiratory parameters, please contact: Joe Kirkland at Telemedical Partners.