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Brad has been associated with Telemedical Partners since its inception . He worked with Joe Kirkland to introduce SensoSCAN and the CoVa device from toSense.  Over 8500 people follow Brad on LinkedIn where he posts regularly on the latest in the telehealth field.

Brad understands the needs of clients and patients for communicating their medical conditions.  He has found multiple product innovations in the patient monitoring field and is one of the most knowledgeable people in this industry. Physicians enjoy his personality and respect his product knowledge.  Truly, Brad Beatty brings the “value add” for Telemedical Partners to his clients.

Here is what Brad says about the Remote Patient Monitoring business.

“RPM is a new profit center for your practice. It’s so important to CMS they make it easy to get reimbursed at favorable rates plus treat it as a heavily weighted MIPS element. We think of it as “e-Concierge,” it’s that good. You can now treat your chronic patients without them travelling to your office. Imagine how good they will feel about you?

Moreover, with patients cancelling appointments, limited office visits, and unprofitable telemedicine, how else will you make up the cash flow problem? Our technologies make remote patient monitoring possible. You connect your patients using our FDA cleared, VitalTech BLE devices for their vital signs or use their own devices, manually entering data.”

Telemedical Partners helps clients by providing reimbursement consultations from Mark Pearson, our Director, Reimbursement Services.

His experience includes cardiac pacemaker rep, cardiovascular pharmaceuticals and radiology products. Plus, he is a former home health agency owner.  Volunteering at local hospitals, Brad is a patient advocate donating time to educating patients on cardiovascular issues. Beatty graduated with a BS in Chemistry.

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