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TeleMedical Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Pearson as Vice President, Reimbursement Support. Mark brings over twenty years of extensive reimbursement knowledge and experience in launching and supporting products and services within the healthcare industry. Mark is a well-respected member in the industry for bringing a portfolio of new and innovative products to patients, providers and insurance companies.

In prior roles with Accredo Health Group, LLC and TearLab Corporation Mark brought a robust level of billing guidance and customer reimbursement services to the market. As part of Mark’s new role, he is implementing a premier National Reimbursement Support Center for TeleMedical Partners, LLC (TMP).

TMP was founded by Joe Kirkland, a medical device professional with a long history of successful startups and distribution, in late 2015, to provide a platform for telemedical devices and services that are integrated into a seamless system for health care providers.

Pearson provides in depth consultations on CMS reimbursement CPT codes.  He works with clients to solve reimbursement and billing problems with CMS payors, private insurance companies, and navigates the Medicaid issues.

TMP is the reseller for Sensogram Technologies, Inc. Their first product is Sensoscan™, a wearable device that monitors four vital signs including pulse rate, blood oxygen level, respiration rate and blood pressure. Vital signs can be transmitted wirelessly on a real-time basis to the cloud and sent to a doctor’s base station or wireless device. Sensogram has other related wearable devices under development which will expand the number of vital signs to be monitored. .

Mark Pearson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia. Mark currently resides in suburban New Orleans, LA. Mark will assume his responsibilities effective February 1, 2017 and will report to Joe Kirkland, CEO.

Please welcome Mark as a valuable member of our growing team of professionals bringing top quality product solutions to the healthcare market place.

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