New! Home CHF Monitoring

CoVa Monitoring System 2

CoVa Monitoring System 2 from ToSense  is a revolutionary remote monitoring system for monitoring CHF patients at home. 

Reduces Hospital Readmissions 84%

In the clinical study, hospital readmissions were reduced 84% over six months when compared with traditional weight monitoring methods. Changes in hemodynamic parameters can be an early indication of a worsening condition. 

Its thoracic bioimpedance test detects changes in chest fluids that confirm the progression.  It does not overload the physician with data. Instead, the physician or other provider receives an Alert Report should changes in parameters be detected outside of a standard deviation.

CHF Monitoring Including ECG

Real time ECG waveforms are produced from single lead ECG and displayed on a clinical gateway tablet real time, also including hemodynamic parameters.  Data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the gateway and from there to the web browser display.  Data can be transmitted to EHR systems for convenient storage.

The home health agency with the TCM contract works closely with the cardiologist and primary care practice sharing the monitoring Alerts to co-manage the patient’s recovery.

Telemedical Partners is proud to be involved in the marketing of the FDA cleared CoVa2 device.  Ask us about a demonstration.