Practice Extender for Remote Monitoring

Free Practice Extender

Practice Extender: Like Adding Free Staff

Imagine adding a talented practice extender to your staff who works remotely. Plus, you only pay when they work. And all their work is covered by CCM / RPM reimbursement codes. Our monitoring service partner sets their rates so that your out of pocket is nothing. Its like getting a new staff member for free!

Get fewer unplanned phone calls from chronic patients in crisis mode. Eliminate diabetic management log books with VitalCare and Diasyst. Cut down the trips to the ED. Let your current staff focus on running your practice better.

Our practice extender staff creates personal relationships that support your practice style. They set up the Family connections and help the lonely patient socially engage. They are monitoring your patient’s vital signs, medications, nutrition and activities and watching for vital sign alerts. The quality of your practice takes a step up when you add our RPM services.

VitalCare: Communication and Monitoring

Telemedical Partners helps you with technology that improves patient communication particularly with chronic patients. VitalCare Family lets the patient’s caregiver make HIPAA compliant video calls. Family caregivers can see the vital signs, nutrition, medication, activity and get text messages for vital sign alerts. Add them to your video call with the patient when having family support is important.

Our VitalCare Social engagement is included at no charge. So now you can help the isolated patient connect with the world. Eary to see and touch tiles lead the patient. What’s more, they connect for information about their disease; get help about nutrition and food preparation; find entertainment; mind stimulating games; exercise help and more. Its truly the first program of its kind to help reduce the isolation and loneliness of seniors.

And both programs are included in VitalCare.

Call us today or drop us a note. Let us show you the financial side of remote patient monitoring and our turnkey program.