CoVa Monitoring System 2

Reduced Hospital Readmissions by 84% is Hard to Believe

Reducing hospital readmissions is a major goal of CMS and hospitals. That CoVa in a clinical study reduced hospital readmissions by 84% is amazing.

CoVa Achieved 84% CHF Reduced Hospital Readmissions in Clinical

Just hard to believe.  But it is true.

​One home monitoring product properly used in the clinical study reduced hospital readmissions by 84% over a 6 month period.  That is the CoVa Monitoring Device from toSense .

FDA cleared, CoVa measures fluid build up using Thoracic Electrical Bio-impedance (TEB.)  CoVa measures Stroke Volume, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Cardiac Output, Respiration Rate and single lead ECG. TEB is reimbursed under CPT Code 93701

The CoVa necklace design is easy for the patient to use once trained by a clinician.  Dexterity challenged patients may have their caregiver or home health nurse take measurements. 

Clinicians can use the bluetooth active CoVa in office for CHF patient quick readings and ECG waveform on the clinician tablet (gateway.) This can be done as part of the normal workup.  The 2 electrodes are easy to snap in the CoVa necklace and remove when finished.

Reduced hospital readmissions chart

What about your numbers?

Clinical studies typically are run with greater care than you may find in your general CHF population using CoVa at home.   But let’s assume that 84% isn’t achievable in your practice.  What about half that? Or a quarter of it?  What would a 20% reduction in CHF hospital readmissions mean to you? To the patients saved from another trip to the ER?

Your ACO Can Save $12 Million

We don’t have to tell you what this means to an ACO.  But we will.  If the typical CHF hospitalization costs $21,000, and your CHF population is 10%, what does a 20% reduction look like to you?

  • CHF patients: 1500
  • Hospitalizations: 2X per year
  • Total Hospitalization: 3,000
  • 20% reduction: 600 X $21,000 = $12,600,000

If these numbers get your interest, then why not have us show you the CoVa? ​Read more on this website or watch our demonstration video.

Contact us about a trial in your practice / Medicare Advantage / or ACO.