Remote Patient Monitoring CPT Codes

CMS will be separating the current CPT code (99091) for patient monitoring into 3 codes in 2019. New in 2018, 99091 was reimbursed $58 a month.

The new codes essentially cover initial training on the device (99453 $21 one time); monthly for the device (99454 $69); and a 20-minute monthly call (99457 $54). Managing these codes should produce $123 in reimbursements for monitoring Medicare patients. We do not know what the charges will be for private insurance patients.

The practice can use a “qualified professional” or “auxiliary personnel” under the physician’s supervision (in the office but not directly under their control) to contact the patient or caregiver once a month for a 20 minute or longer chat or chats about the patient’s care and readings under 99457 ($54).  

SensoSCAN as a wellness monitoring device transmits data to a smartphone via Bluetooth and then to a computer, typically monitored by a caregiver or healthcare professional. . It is billed under new CPT code $69 monthly.

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