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We Want Your A1c 10’s

And your 9’s, 8’s and 7’s

Telemedical Partners wants to prove we can help your most difficult diabetes patients.  If their A1C is out of control, let us help you manage them.  Give us 60 days to lower the A1C of a group of patients by an average of one full point.

Our turnkey program relieves your staff of phone interruptions and manual log books. Our patient monitoring partner handles medical nutrition training,  and, when they are ready to comply, remote patient monitoring.

Using VitalCare, we monitor medications, daily glucose readings, and nutrition.  The Diasyst application analyzes daily glucose readings and recommends medication changes.

You provide them with a VitalCare compatible digital glucometer, only a $29 investment in better outcomes. And leaving you more time to devote to managing your practice.

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Diasyst: Diabetes Management Software

Current diabetic management is a bit like driving at 70 miles an hour but touching the steering wheel once a minute. The manual system of reviewing patient logs once every 3 or 4 months leads to clinical inertia.

Emory University endocrinologist Larry Phillips MD and his team responded to the situation by developing the Diasyst algorithm application. Using remote glucose monitoring technology, the algorithm analyzes the readings and trends. It accesses over 300 medications in its database to recommend adjustments and new medications. Diasyst gives the endocrinologist and family practitioner the equivalent of a laser guided weapon against diabetes.

Combined with VitalCare, you have a complete patient management program.

Diasyst diabetic management software

Remote Monitoring Practice Impact

Remote monitoring of diabetic patients creates a stronger bond, a personal touch, and produces better outcomes.  Compliance is better. A1c and fasting blood glucose readings improve. They are more likely to hit weight and nutrition targets.

The practice benefits from a lower workload of interruptive phone calls and manual data entry. Hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic emergencies drop and patients become more medication compliant.

Diasyst Demonstration

Our team is happy to review the Diasyst management program with your providers. Contact us about the Diabetes Challenge for your practice.

Diasyst combined with remote patient monitoring is the new wave of telemedicine.  More than data gathering, its about data analytics, building compliance and better diabetic outcomes.

Physician and Nurse Practitioner diabetes patients
Diasyst helps reduce diabetic A1c