VitalCare Monitoring System

Vitalcare Monitoring System Improves Telemedicine

VitalTech monitoring system’s integrated platform of medical devices called VitalCare monitors and tracks patient vital signs in real-time, pushing data to medical care teams remotely, keeping patients and their family members actively engaged in their care. Practices schedule video calls, record e visits, track emails, and make phone calls from VitalCare.

VitalCare automatically tracks time spent on all patient related activities. It records information, including video calls, and produces the supporting documentation for reimbursement. VitalCare is used by physician offices, hospitals, senior living facilities, and home health agencies. Our remote patient monitoring technology helps lower chronic care costs and improve outcomes.

Knowledge is Power

Before you make that RPM patient call, you have the records live in an easy to read summary.  All your preparation, emails, and calls are noted supporting your reimbursement filings. If they are compliant with your prescription for health, you know it and so do they.  Only now they can’t hide.  Knowing you are watching and calling increases compliance. Compliance improves outcomes. VitalCare turns a chore into a profit center. Isn’t it time to move up from losing money on telemedicine to making money on RPM?

Easy View, Easy Use

The VitalCare monitoring system layout is so easy to use, patients are happy to give you their data. Even on their smartphone, the images are clean and crisp. We pair up the Bluetooth device before shipping so set up is non-techie. And our support team likes working with seniors. Mix a monitoring device kit for each patient condition from blood pressure to weight control to CHF and everything in between. Our FDA cleared devices match perfectly with the VitalCare patient management platform. So easy for your staff to use, they will thank you.

Beyond Telemedicine…

Imagine if 50% of your patients visits were done via video? 50 million people will be using telehealth in just 3 years. Busy, app loving, smartphone huggers want easy, convenient access. Seniors will no longer need transportation to your office for a simple check up. Start moving your staff in this direction by embracing Remote Patient Monitoring now. Gear up for the future with VitalCare monitoring innovative video interface with visit recording documentation easing your reimbursement woes. Learn about Remote Patient Monitoring at our Wednesday Webinars.

Chronic Patient + VitalCare + RPM= Problem Solved

Match a Vitalcare monitoring device kit that specifically meets your patient requirements. Blood Pressure + Pulse Oximeter in a convenient package is the basic kit. Add a Weight Scale or Thermometer or Glucometer or Spirometer. All FDA cleared and BLE compatible. Then implement RPM: Remote Patient Monitoring. Keep it simple. Go with VitalCare.

Telemedical Partners Client Testimonial

“Our main goal is to keep patients out of the Emergency Room and out of the hospital. When they use Remote Patient Monitoring, there’s a huge reduction in re-hospitalizations. Nationally, there is a 16% readmission rate for patients who are under remote patient monitoring programs. And I’ll shock you by saying that for us, we’re around 5% right now.  That’s a 72% reduction in readmissions.”Note: SC House Calls uses VitalCare Kit B for its CHF patients and provides patients with LTE activated tablets.

David Teachey BS/BSN Director of Clinical Operations, SC House Calls, 3/26/2020

Click to listen to what a VitalCare using home health agency says about its impact on lowering their CHF readmissions.

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