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Remote Health Solutions

Remote Health Solutions: Clinical Professionals Extend Your Practice

Remote Health Solutions (RHS), a Premier Circle provider for Telemedical Partners, focuses on remote patient monitoring for private practices.

RHS provides licensed clinical professionals to engage with your patients via telehealth. Engaging a patient is time consuming. Let our clinicians provide medical support aligned with the patient’s specific care plan. You have the option of adding additional clinicians to manage your patient’s care – from nurses to specialists.

Our clinical teams perform remote patient monitoring by collecting patient vitals, interacting with patients via audio/video (telehealth), and track trends and analytics to detect possible underlying conditions.  Providers receive ongoing reports detailing the status of care, alerts triggered, and actions taken by the care team in alignment with the patient care plan.

Remote Health Solutions has produced 74% decrease in hospital admissions with patients who onboard onto the remote patient monitoring program. The company has experienced a decrease in over 90% of ER visits of frequent users by improving compliance and overall quality of care. The result is improvements in your MIPS scores specific to your practice. We address quality, cost, improvement activities and promote interoperability.

Remote Health Solutions

Pokket by Acivilate

Acivilate: Connecting People in Need with Service Providers

Acivilate is a Premier Circle Partner of Telemedical Partners. Their team is focused on helping the disadvantaged family to find clinical and social services and manage their lives. Large numbers of rural and inner-city families lack a primary care provider, fueling healthcare inequities.

Using their proprietary application, Pokket, Emergency Department patients can be quickly assigned to an available network primary care provider.  If admitted, the discharge planner can use Pokket to make sure the patient goes home assigned to a PCP with not just an appointment for follow up but a plan.  Pokket aligns them with Community Based Organizations for social services, and shares information so care providers have the full patient context.

The benefit to the hospital is in reducing excessive readmissions. The otherwise uncared for patient now has the clinical and social services to help them manage their health.

The company was founded to help returning offenders gain the support they needed to successfully re-enter communities and reduce recidivism.  They are building a national network of social and clinical service providers utilizing Pokket.  Their programs are helping improve care, fill the healthcare gaps, and create more inclusive communities. Pokket helps ensure that patients aren’t so overwhelmed as they go through life transitions, such as leaving the military, surviving domestic violence, or aging out of foster care.

Working closely with GHI, Acivilate gains social services and clinical providers for its clients and develop appropriate workflows.

Pokket by Acivilate

Golden Health Initiative

Golden Health Initiative: Providing Clinical Services to at Risk Populations

Golden Health Initiative (GHI), a Premier Circle Partner of Telemedical Partners, is a tech enabled clinical services company with the goal of improving access to, and delivery of health care for the management of chronic conditions for at risk patient populations.

The GHI platform allows primary care providers and specialists access to a personalized team of mid-level specialist providers who help them drive quality outcomes.

Specialist providers include:

  • Certified diabetes educators,
  • Clinical social workers,
  • Behavioral health therapists,
  • Community based coaches for Social Determinates of Health

Their goals are to promote clinical program adherence. They empower the disadvantaged with on-demand precision health management through access to health care providers, health systems and relevant well-being content.

Working closely with Acivilate, GHI helps connect disadvantaged people with social and clinical services.

Golden Health Initiative

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