Senior Living Connected Lifestyle

Senior Living: Connected and Aging in Place

Senior living lifestyle offers choices.  Like aging in place or choosing a convenient retirement community.  Adding a care manager so they have an expert on navigating health care.  Or using a communication technology like Breezie.

VitalCare Social (Breezie) Prevents Social Isolation

Social isolation is like smoking 15 cigarettes a day. An easy to use VitalCare Social (formerly Breezie) tablet is a gateway to the world for seniors. Residents in VitalCare Social equipped communities rave about the service.  It improves communication and contact with the outside world. A fully integrated installation can even share the menu and activity calendar.

Retirement communities can use Vitalcare Social as part of their recruitment program.  It helps wrap the senior aging in place into becoming a future resident.  Just include non-residents in the community with your group events. Vitalcare Social helps create the connection online with your operation.

VitalCare Social Powered by Breezie

VitalCare Social is powered by Breezie.

There are 2 variations for VitalCare Social.  Full Breezie on its own tablet.  And Engagement found on VitalCare.

VitalCare Social Engagement

VitalCare Engagement is the basic version of Breezie. It has connections to curated information health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart failure. That means help understanding the condition, related medications and diet. Among the other categories are exercise, healthy cooking, fitness, games, mindfulness and entertainment. It even helps with Internet essentials, a big plus for seniors.

Each has sub-categories. For example, Mindfulness. It includes Sleep, Short Courses, Think Positive, Wellness Toolkit, Volunteer and Events Around Town. This is great for helping the chronically ill person stay connected and reduce isolation.

Personalized Breezie

Breezie in full is personalized to the needs of the retirement community or groups of seniors.

There’s a wide variety of other content and connections.  Home sensors and voice responsive devices are easily connected and managed.  Also, email, video calls and favorites such as Facebook are available. And the Breezie support team adds special interest tiles around major holidays.

Vitalcare Social formerly Breezie for senior living
vitalcare Social connects parents with caregivers

VitalCare Family Connects Parent with Caregiver

The family caregiver is typically the “uber” child. The responsible one and often a daughter. This can be a highly stressful burden.

We recommend care managers. They lift the burden. Their knowledge of health care and related matters is exceptional. Geriatric care managers are often RNs specializing in support the family.  Guiding the family caregiver is an important function.

VitalCare Family Connection

Connect your loved one with you. VitalCare Family is a free app included in a VitalCare remote monitoring license.

The Family app allows the family caregivers to view the parent’s vital signs. They get their threshold alerts, see their nutrition details, and monitor medications.  The family caregiver can open direct video calls. When needed, the monitoring healthcare professional can even have a 3-way call.

Connect Care Manager

Care managers may be one of the contacts in VitalCare Family. They see the same information as the family members. Find out how to connect to a care manager.

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Mom Daughter Family Caregiver

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