Telemedicine Technology

Telemedicine Technology Devices

Our company markets telemedicine technology products and services to physicians, home health agencies, nursing homes, ACOs, and hospitals.  We provide support services including reimbursement management and remote monitoring management to our clients.

We are on to forefront of remote monitoring technology that enhances digital data transfer and patient engagement.

Diabetes Telemedicine Technology

Diabetes management is provided using the Diasyst application.  It is compatible with both bluetooth and LTE devices.  Bluetooth (BLE) devices require a gateway device.  For example, a smartphone, I-Phone or I-Pad or Android tablet running the app. The gateway device transfers data to the cloud and from there to the application.

An LTE device such as the I-Glucose by Smart Meter Corporation does not require a separate gateway.  It has an AT&T LTE chip in it.  Once paired to the Diasyst application, it automatically sends data to the Diasyst application.

Vital Sign Digital Technology

Vital signs are gathered by a variety of digital devices including blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, thermometers, weight scales, spirometers and others. A BLE digital device compatible with VitalCare has to meet strict data transfer protocols. Some common brand names while BLE are not compatible. For this reason VitalTech tests and authorizes a limited number of BLE vital sign devices.

I-Glucose Glucometer

I-Glucose glucometer syncs directly to Diasyst

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