CoVa CHF Patient Monitoring

CoVa 2 Cut CHF Patient Readmissions by 84% in Clinical Trial


CoVa 2 from toSense reduced CHF hospitalizations by 84% over 6 months in the clinical trial.
CoVa Monitoring System 2 measures the key vitals for early detection of changes including heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability, stroke volume, and cardiac output.  CoVa Monitoring System 2 produces wave forms for both ECG and Respiration.
Thoracic Impedance measurements of chest fluid changes bridge the gap between vitals and weight changes giving you the alert you need to intervene earlier, change therapy, and prevent a hospitalization.
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Overview: CoVa™ Monitoring System 2 is a revolutionary remote monitoring system that measures critical changes in hemodynamic parameters and chest fluid levels in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).  Designed to be worn at home 5 minutes, 2 to 4 times a week, CoVa™ generates critical information to assist in making earlier clinical decisions.

  • Alert reports summarizing physiological changes
  • Use in the office with ECG report documentation
  • Eligible for Chronic Care Remote Patient Monitoring

Watch our demonstration video.

CoVa Monitoring System 2 for CHF
CoVa 2 features a necklace-shaped sensor that measures single lead ECG and impedance waveforms using low-cost, disposable electrodes for easier patient use.  Thoracic bioimpedance measurements may be performed by physicians or qualified healthcare professionals under physician orders.
Indicated Use: The CoVa™ Monitoring System 2 is indicated for patients with fluid-management disorders managed by regular use of diuretics, and/or suffering from a disease or medical condition characterized by an increase in fluid, such as heart failure, kidney failure, and/or edema caused by a chronic disease (e.g. heart failure). CoVa is a FDA cleared Class 2 Medical Device available only on prescription.

Early Prediction of CHF Patient Decline

Predicting Potential CHF Onset: Clinical research indicates that sophisticated measurements of decreasing hemodynamic parameters and chest fluid build up provided by the CoVa™ sensor can predict the potential onset of CHF by as much as two weeks earlier, providing an opportunity for much earlier intervention, thus reducing hospitalizations.
​In clinical study, CoVa reduced CHF hospital re-admissions by 84% over 6 months

CoVa reduced hospital readmissions chart

Monitor Your CHF Patients with CoVa AI-Based Alerts

ToSense  provides Alert Reports or the physician or qualified healthcare providers.  The reports help with monitoring changes in Thoracic Impedance, SV, CO, RR, HR, and HRV.  Readings that exceed standard range deviations are highlighted.  Patient data is available on the web portal as needed.  Alert reports may be useful for a chronic care service provider monitoring chronic care patients.

ECG Waveform reports for documentation and Patient Population Reports for a  master overview are available as well.

Click here to request a sample Alert Report.


Clinical Gateway Tablet Displays Waveforms

CoVa Monitoring System 2

The CoVa™ Monitoring System 2 Package:

  • The CoVa Necklace – attaches to chest with two single-use disposable electrodes. See our Demonstration Video.
  • Patient Gateway-  “Always on” black box receives measurements via Bluetooth from the CoVa sensor
  • Clinical Gateway: Tablet displays numerical values and waveforms. One tablet can be used in office for many patients.
  • Insights Web Portal– Manage patients, view patient data and generate reports.
  • Charging: A charging device for the CoVa and Gateway is included in each kit.
CoVa is FDA cleared in a necklace design with single lead ECG disposable electrodes for ease of patient use and accurate chest fluid measurements. Click to read the CPT codes for reimbursement and ICD-10 codes for diagnosis.

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