Webinar: How to Start Remote Monitoring

Webinar Starting Remote Monitoring

Read our blog about how to get started in RPM.

Webinar Wednesday is here for you.

If you recently started Telemedicine, maybe its time to convert some patients to the convenience of Remote Monitoring. Converting to Remote Patient Monitoring is easier than you may think.  Our short webinars cover the A to Z of getting started.  We try to help you avoid the pitfalls.

We cover staffing, patient selection, medical conditions, pilot study, management, reimbursement CPT codes plus return on investment!

We answer questions on which patients to select to start.  Why start RPM at all? Will it save practice time? Does it help your MIPS? Is it expensive? And more.

​If you can’t make one of the Wednesday Webinars let us know and we will arrange a one on one for you. In fact, that is probably the easiest way to do it. Just click here to reserve time  and fill out the form below.

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